Personalized Recognition Eats Perks for Breakfast

  • “Wow, is there anything that I can do to change your mind?”
  • “Is there something we can do on our end to make you happy?”
  • “What would it take for us to keep you?” Why wait until one of your employees

Why wait until one of your employees has handed in their resignation letter to find the answers to these questions? Often, managers do not know what’s most important to their employees until they give their two weeks’ notice. This, in most cases, is no fault of the managers.  They are not equipped to keep track of all the recognition moments and they cannot be mind readers.


Personalized Recognition Goes Beyond the Workplace Perks 

The top priority for nine out of ten employers is employee engagement, yet only 14% of managers have the proper tools to engage their teams.

Employee engagement, what does that mean? Seriously, what does that even mean?

This is a universal term for something so incredibly specific and individualized to each company, each manager, each employee. This is where we get to the root of the issue and to the start of something powerful. Employees often do not feel that they have a voice; they feel unseen, except as a set of metrics.

In fact, half of employees in the U.S. are looking to quit and the number one reason for this is they don’t feel valued. An engaged, happy workforce increases retention, lowers absenteeism, attracts ideal candidates, boosts productivity, profitability and client satisfaction.  The most effective recognition to employees is honest, authentic, and individualized.


The Art of Personalized Recognition

Well, how do we do that? That question ignited our Sparck, we want to create thriving workplaces that people love. There is an art to how people are recognized.

  • 45% of the overall recognition/reward experience is about the physical reward.
  • A greater 55% is about the personal connection of recognition; how it’s received. 

When is it received, who is the person, and how is it presented? Yet, most managers just focus on the reward. Connecting on a human level makes the incentive much more meaningful. Shifting the emphasis in recognition can greatly impact employee satisfaction!

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