Sparck and Dark Stories: Don't Leave it up to Lady Luck

Anonymous November 25, 2019

 Don't Live in the Dark!

Did you know that generic recognition (or lack thereof) is impacting your workplace?  Sneak a peek into what your employees want to say, but aren't... It's shocking!

I work in customer service in the travel industry.  Our company gives its clients the ability to recognize employees for going above and beyond via a mobile app.  Each employee that receives recognition gets their name put into a drawing for 16 different prizes at the end of the year and the nominations are never publicly shared.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how many people were recognized for excellent work – only 16 win.  It doesn’t even matter how often you were recognized as an individual.   It’s hard to give it your all, when you know its sheer luck whether you’ll be recognized for any of it.  I’ve received a lot of recognition from clients, which I appreciate, but never won anything. It makes me feel like more of a loser than a winner.  I sure wish the company would realize that recognizing all of us – even just verbally – would mean a lot more than any prize.


Live in the Light!

When the recognition experience is personalized and meaningful, employees feel seen.  Learn from each unique story to elevate your employee experience.

I was working full time while trying to earn my college degree. It was very stressful at times, particularly when I was studying for exams. I put every ounce of effort I had into both my work and my education and at the end of the day, I was exhausted. One day, I was called into my manager’s office. I didn’t know why and was a bit nervous. Instead, she asked how I was doing with everything and if there was anything the company could do to make things a bit easier during exam time. She was genuinely interested in how things were going, asked me a lot of questions about school and even gave me extra PTO to study. I felt like I had a real champion in my corner, and it meant so much. When I walked across the stage at graduation, she was there cheering me on. I couldn’t believe she took time out of her schedule to be there for something so important to me.



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